UAE to Host Indoor Cricket World Cup 2017

The Countdown is on!


Continuing our sports reputation as a truly global game, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), in partnership with Cricket Australia, has secured the hosting rights for the prestigious 2017 World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) World Cup.

The event will attract approximately 400 players and officials and will be held over 7 days of competition from 16-23 September 2017, in Dubai’s newly renovated Insportz Club. It will bring together the finest indoor cricketing talent from nations including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE.

Emirates Cricket Board Member and spokesperson, Zayed Abbas, was thrilled that the UAE had been chosen as the host city for World Cup....

“To secure an International event for the very best indoor cricketers is a major coup, and we look forward to welcoming all participants and building a strong and productive partnership with the World Indoor Cricket Federation,” said Abbas.

Established in 1997, Insportz Club is the Middle East’s first indoor sports facility with fully air conditioned multipurpose courts.

Insportz Club Marketing Manager, Prameela Nadkarni said, “Insportz Club’s focus is on providing world class sporting facilities and developing local sporting talent to help us attract top level competition. With over 20 years of experience in indoor cricket, we look forward to putting on a successful World Cup.”

The 10th edition of the WICF World Cup will involve players competing in the Open Men’s; Open Women’s; 21 & Under Men’s, and; 21 & Under Women’s divisions, with Australia the reigning World Champions in each of the four divisions.

Cricket Australia will act in partnership with the ECB and Insportz Club to host the competition.


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International Indoor Cricket All Stars Series - Singapore


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Indoor Cricket Masters World Series England 2016

WICF Masters World Series 2016

Australia has tasted success at the 2016 World Indoor Cricket Federations Masters World Series in England.

Four of Australia's five sides will return home as world champions, with the over-50, over-45, over-40 and over-35 men's sides taking out their respective divisions at the tournament, which finished last week.

Australia's over-50 and over-45 men's sides both won their respective divisions decisively, recording 96 and 103-run wins respectively in their tournament grand finals - both against South Africa.

The over-40 men also defeated South Africa in their grand final, by 33 runs, while in the over-35 men's division, Australia defeated New Zealand by 26 runs.

For the over-40 and over-45 men's sides, the tournament wins were back-to-back triumphs, after success at the World Indoor Cricket Federation Masters World Series in 2013 in South Africa.

Australia fielded a side in each division at the tournament, which was played at the Action Indoor Cricket Arena in Birmingham, as did host nation England, New Zealand and South Africa. Sri Lanka and Singapore also competed in the men’s over-35s and over-40s division.

All five sides finishing the round-robin games on top of the ladder, and Australia's over-50 and over-40 men's sides were rarely troubled throughout the tournament, going through undefeated in convincing fashion.

The over-35 women's Championship was taken buy the South African Team beating Australia buy 8 Runs.

WICF and Action Indoor Sports England thank you all for being part of another great world class Indoor Cricket event

Grand final results

Over-35 women: South Africa 107 - Australia 99

Over-35 men: Australia 124 - New Zealand 98

Over-40 men: Australia 158 - South Africa 55

Over-45 men: Australia 91 - South Africa 58

Over-50 men: Australia 155 - South Africa 59


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Latest News - Future International Events Changes


The purpose of this report is to clearly articulate decisions taken by the World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) on the 2nd October 2012 in regards to:

a) Underage Division Description,
b) Universal Date of Eligibility
c) Masters Divisions post 2016.


The first WICF World Cup was held in 1995 with just one division and since then the international calendar has grown to include teams from 12 and under boys through to over 45 men. This has often meant the tournament at which a division has competed has changed as numbers have changed. For example the 19 and under boys and girls division were regular competitors at the Masters World Series until 2005 when the expansion of that competition led to the move to the World Cup. The introduction of the Junior World Series in 2012 means that for the first time there is a clear pathway for players from 12 and under through to Open divisions and beyond.

This initiative now gives players across the world the opportunity to enter a pathway that can take them all the way to elite level. It now becomes the responsibility of the WICF and its member countries to ensure that this pathway delivers on its promise to produce the world's best indoor cricket players and tournaments...


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