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Report Purpose

The purpose of this report is to clearly articulate decisions taken by the World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) in regards to: 
a) Underage Division Description,
b) Masters Divisions
c) Opens Divisions


The first WICF World Cup was held in 1995 with just one division and since then the international calendar has grown to include teams from 13 and under boys through to 50 & over men. This has often meant the tournament at which a division has competed has changed as numbers have changed. For example the 19 and under boys and girls division were regular competitors at the Masters World Series until 2005 when the expansion of that competition led to the move to the World Cup and subsequently changed to 21 & Under. The introduction of the Junior World Series in 2012 means that for the first time there is a clear pathway for players from 13 and under through to Open divisions and beyond.
This initiative now gives players across the world the opportunity to enter a pathway that can take them all the way to elite level. It now becomes the responsibility of the WICF and its member countries to ensure that this pathway delivers on its promise to produce the world’s best indoor cricket players and tournaments.



The following lists the WICF international grades:



13 & Under (Players cannot turn 14 before the tournament ends)
15 & Under (Players cannot turn 16 before the tournament ends)
17 & Under (Players cannot turn 17 before the tournament ends)
17 & Under Girls(Players cannot turn 17 before the tournament ends)


There was much discussion about the need to reassess the divisions for future Masters tournaments, in particular the over 30’s men’s and over 30’s ladies. Most discussion centred around whether these two divisions were a) representative of masters sport and b) having a detrimental effect on open division availability, especially in the ladies section and also the viability of an over 50’s men’s division.

  1. The over 30’s men’s division would cease to exist from after the 2013 Masters World Series.
  2. The over 30’s ladies division would cease to exist, but had been re introduced in 2019.
  3. An over 50’s men’s division would be included 

WICF International Masters divisions

35 & Over(Players must have turned 35 before the 1st day of the Tournament)
40 & Over(Players must have turned 40 before the 1st day of the Tournament)
45 & Over(Players must have turned 45 before the 1st day of the Tournament)
50 & Over(Players must have turned 50 before the 1st day of the Tournament)
30 & Over Lad.(Players must have turned 30 before the 1st day of the Tournament)


WICF International Opens divisions
21 & Under Men (Players cannot turn 22 before the tournament ends) 22 & Under for 2021 World Cup
21 & Under Ladies (Players cannot turn 22 before the tournament ends) 21 & Under for 2021 World Cup
Open Ladies(No Restrictions)
Open Men's(No Restrictions)

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