Indoor Cricket World Cup New Zealand 2015

Australia has continued their stronghold over the Indoor Cricket sphere with a clean sweep of the recent Junior World Series in Brisbane.

Coming in as the heavy favourites in each division, Australia's squads in each age group were pushed by New Zealand and South Africa, with each country making a grand final.

The home side’s strength was shown through the results, with the under-16 boys side going undefeated coupled with the under-14 boys side claiming points in eight of a possible 10 matches.

It was tougher going for the under-18 boys, losing three matches and being pushed by a strong South African side, whom they ultimately defeated in the final, claiming back the only title Australia didn’t return with from South Africa in 2012.

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The under-18 girls also did it the hard way, going in as underdogs despite finishing atop the table, with the New Zealand squad the only team to topple the hosts in the preliminary stages.

The girls claimed a tight victory over their Trans-Tasman rivals to ensure each piece of silverware stayed in Australia, making it seven from a possible eight world titles since the World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) launched the junior tournament in 2012.

Cricket Australia’s Indoor Cricket Manager Paul Milo said it was a perfect finish to what had been a great week-long tournament in Brisbane.

“The goal was to come away with all four trophies and that is exactly what we did; it is a real credit to all of the players, coaches and staff thathave coordinated this effort in the months leading up to now,” Mr Milo said.

“A big congratulations to New Zealand and South Africa who were worthy competitors and put on a great show for everyone.”

Speaking at the closing ceremony, WICF President Greg Donnelly said the tournament was a great way to showcase the young talent across the world of Indoor Cricket.

“It was a great week for all involved and the players were exemplary in their conduct both on and off the court,” Mr Donnelly said.

“The WICF hope to see many of the players go on to represent their country’s at the Open level.”

Mr Donnelly also announced the 2018 Junior World Series would be held in the United Arab Emirates, following on from the Opens World Cup that will be held in Dubai in 2017.

Alas, after much competitive and quality cricket, it is all over, but there was action aplenty this year. You can re-watch the finals here, or read below for a summary from each division.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

Under 18 Girls

Grand Final Result
Australia 132 vs New Zealand 115    

Player of the Grand Final
Kristen Smith (AUS)

Player of the Series
3rd - Zoe Griffiths (AUS
2nd - Amelia Kerr (NZ)
1st - Jess Kerr (NZ)

2015 Under 18 Girls Junior World Series All Star team
Jess Kerr (NZ)
Amelia Kerr (NZ)
Samantha Dixon (AUS)
Natasha Van Tilburg (NZ)
Carly Leeson (AUS)
Rachael Trenerman (AUS)
Maddie Wright (AUS A)
Tariel Lamb (NZ)
Hannah Darlington (AUS A)
Karen Woest (SA)

Under 18 Boys

Grand Final Result
Australia 135 vs South Africa 116

Player of the Grand Final
Sam Stead (AUS)

Player of the Series
3rd - Benji Floros (AUS)
2nd - Adrian Lascu (AUS)
1st - Todd Watson (NZ)

2015 Under 18 Boys Junior World Series All Star team
Todd Watson (NZ)
Adrian Lascu (AUS)
Wade Burrowes (AUS)
S.J Kaber (SA)
Benji Floros (AUS)
Finnley Allen (NZ)
Carl Hooper (NZ)
Jaymen McLean (AUS)
Daniel Battaglene (AUS A)
Armand Krugel (SA)

Under 16 Boys Division

Grand Final Result 
Australia 142 def South Africa 79

Player of the Grand Final
Hugo Ferdinand (AUS)

Player of the Series -
3rd - Jesse Messere (AUS)
2nd - Ross Nesbitt (AUS)
1st - Ryan Peter-Budge (AUS)

2015 Under 16 Junior World Series All Star team
Ryan Peter Budge (AUS)
Ross Nesbitt (AUS)
Sashin Garber (AUS)
Franncoh Fouirie (SA)
Cameron Bullard (AUS)
James Collins (AUS)
Euan Fletcher (AUS)
Logan Joubert (SA)
Ryan James (NZ)
Riki Boscuma (AUS A)

Under 14 Boys

Grand Final Result
Australia 111 def South Africa 77

Player of the Grand Final
Jake Fraser-McGurk (AUS)

Player of the Series
3rd - Kevin Seth (AUS)
2nd - Rainer Diedericks (SA)
1st - Ben Lammardo (AUS)

2015 Under 14 Junior World Series All Star team
Ben Lammardo (AUS)
Rainer Diedricks (SA)
Brodee Foster (AUS)
Kevin Seth (AUS)
Jake Richter (AUS A)
Caleb Montague (NZ)
Jordan Hesline (AUS A)
Jake Fraser-McGurk (AUS)
Mitchell Doolan (AUS A)
Sanjiv Weerasingham (AUS A)

Images courtesy of PowerShots Photography

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