Indoor Cricket Juniors World Series

The Indoor Cricket Juniors World Series was hosted in South Africa. The tournament took place in the Gauteng province which can be considered as the sporting hub of the African continent. South Africa has played host to a few major sporting world cups in the past, the largest three being the Soccer, Cricket and Rugby world cups, so we have developed a reputation for hosting fantastic world cups.

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Indoor Cricket Juniors World Series 2015

Indoor Cricket JWS Australia 2016 History
2015 Boys 16 & Under 2015 Boys 14 & Under
2015 Girls 18 & Under 2015 Boys 18 & Under
Indoor Cricket Juniors World Series 2012

Indoor Cricket JWS South Africa 2012 History
2012 Boys 16 & Under 2012 Boys 14 & Under
2012 Girls 16 & Under 2012 Boys 12 & Under

Indoor Cricket World Cup New Zealand 2014

Australia has continued their stronghold over the Indoor Cricket sphere with a clean sweep of the recent Junior World Series in Brisbane.

Coming in as the heavy favourites in each division, Australia's squads in each age group were pushed by New Zealand and South Africa, with each country making a grand final.

The home side’s strength was shown through the results, with the under-16 boys side going undefeated coupled with the under-14 boys side claiming points in eight of a possible 10 matches.

It was tougher going for the under-18 boys, losing three matches and being pushed by a strong South African side, whom they ultimately defeated in the final, claiming back the only title Australia didn’t return with from South Africa in 2012.


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