World Indoor Cricket Federation Limited

The World Indoor Cricket Federation (WICF) is the international governing body of indoor cricket. The WICF is responsible for the organisation and promotion of various international indoor cricket events (such as the World Cup) as well as the development of the sport itself throughout the world.


W.I.C.F. Rules & Regulations
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In addition to various international test series the WICF organised and promotes regular events in several age groups, such as the Indoor Cricket World Cup, the Junior World Series of Indoor Cricket and the Masters World Series of Indoor Cricket. These events are contested by the members and associate members of the WICF and have historically been held at varying intervals. In recent times, these events are held every two years.


W.I.C.F. Competitions
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The WICF overlooks and maintains the Rules of Indoor Cricket. Whilst the official rules as adopted by the WICF are used at any international event, the various member bodies do not necessarily employ the internationally accepted rules within their own domestic competitions.

W.I.C.F. Development
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In order to ensure the viability and success of the sport on an international level, the WICF has been active in promoting and developing the sport throughout the world. This process has resulted in the inclusion of several new countries at international events, most notably Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan.

W.I.C.F. Governance
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The WICF is governed by a board of directors elected by the various member bodies and is managed by an appointed Secretary-General.

WICF and Affiliated Presidents

On behalf of the WICF, we would like to announce all the presidents for each of the Countries that are affiliated to the WICF.

WICF President
Tony Watkins
WICF Vice President
Briana Binch
WICF Secretary General / Treasurer
Ray Lourens
Indoor Cricket Australia
Briana Binch
Indoor Cricket England
Duncan Norris
Indoor Cricket India
Ajay Naik
Indoor Cricket New Zealand
Warwick Simmons
Singapore  Cricket Association
Rashid Ahmed Khan
Indoor Cricket Sri Lanka
Hiran de Mel
Indoor Cricket South Africa
Bruce Miller
Indoor Cricket UAE
Prameela Nadkarni Menon


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