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Welcome to the World Indoor Cricket Federation Website. Indoor Cricket as it is now known, was started in Australia in 1984 after it was brought over from Germany. The nets were introduced as only difference and this successful formula has grown from strength to stength in various countries around the world. Played in countries like Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka and few other countries, this great sport has its various levels from social matches to league matches to Provincial or State tournaments all the way up to international matches including World Cups and Masters Series.

The growth of this sport has led to a Junior World Series being added to the international calendar and in 2012 was first Junior World Series hosted in South Africa.


Indoor Cricket Masters World Series 2019 - South Africa

The Countdown is on!

The Masters World Series is being hosted in Cape Town for the first time, The WICF would like to extend a huge thank you to Bruce Miller and his team for putting the event together. I believe this could be one of our biggest events yet.

Its an exciting time to be involved in indoor cricket around the world as the WICF continues its talks with the International Cricket Council (ICC).

We are hopeful to see teams competing from several new countries throughout the Series, within the 5 different grades: 30 & over Womens, 35 & over Mens, 40 & over Mens, 45 &over Men’s & 50 and over Men’s.



Indoor Cricket Masters World Series 2019 - Fixtures



Indoor Cricket Masters World Series 2019 - Live




Indoor Cricket Masters World Series 2019 - Teams



Aussie team players who began with Indoor

Members of the Australian team who grew up playing indoor cricket, discuss their love for the game and how it helped them get to where they are today.

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